Software Engineering

TDM, a growing company



TDM carry out your software for both embedded applications and PC applications.
Our engineers benefit from significant experience on different types of processors and microcontrollers based on ARM, PowerPC, PIC but also on PC (Intel, AMD) and softcores (NIOS II, μBlaze) type architectures.
They therefore have the knowledge of many IDEs like Eclipse, Xilinx SDK, Altera NIOS II EDS, Visual Studio, Qt Creator, CodeWarrior, Code Composer Studio, … and master many programming languages ​​(C, C ++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python).

The expertise of TDM is particularly renowned for embedded Linux but our engineers also develop a real-time OS such as Linux Xenomai, FreeRTOS, μCOS, …

Our teams have a strong experience in avionics, video and Ethernet protocols.
TDM has built a library of proven modules. These bricks allow us to respond more quickly and efficiently to our customers.
For example, we have linux-based video streaming and recording libraries, but also Command Line Interface (CLI) modules or IP / ARP / ICMP / UDP / DHCP protocol management running on OS real-time and without OS.
These modules are deployed in multiple devices.

All software of our products are made by our engineers. Our most complex equipment has a configuration and monitoring website and can be driven by SNMP or REST API.

Our previous experience in test benches building for our customers has enabled to our teams to gain strong skills in LabWindows CVI / LabView / TestStand.
TDM also produces its own software deployed on its development , qualification, production and proceed benches testing.

TDM uses free tools for static analysis and unit tests to ensure good code quality.
The sources of our software are managed through Subversion and the Mantis bug tracking tool helps to manage nonconformities.

Thanks to its expertise in electronics, software and FPGA, TDM offers mixed architectures combining its business to best meet the needs of customers in terms of signal processing, real-time, non-real-time.

Our developer tools :


  • Linux distribution
  • Analysis tools
    • Valgrind,
    • CppCheck
  • Software

    • Eclipse (GCC)
    • Xilinx SDK
    • Altera NIOS II EDS
    • Visual Studio
    • NetBeans
    • Qt Creator
    • CCS (PIC)
    • CodeWarrior (PowerPC)
    • Code Composer Studio (DSP Texas)
    • National Instruments: Lab windows CVI, LabView, Test Stand
    • Autoconf tools (linux)
    • Industrial Vision: Matrox MIL & NI Vision
  • Configuration Management
    • SVN (versioning),
    • MANTIS (bug tracking)
  • Virtual Machines
    • Oracle VirtualBox
  • Analysis tools
    • Valgrind,
    • CppCheck