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R&D IA Video

TDM, A company moving forward

IA Video

TDM is currently developing its approach on Artificial Intelligence for smart video processing.
The first given goal of the ongoing project is being able to detect possible threats for a plane in its surroundings in an airport environment. The idea is taking in account its movement and the ones of the nearby objects. The starting point is based on object detection and identification as you can see on the provided examples on this page.
The project is being developed with the idea of it being as adaptable as possible, therefore the detectors and the databases they are based on can be modified with ease. In that manner the « smart camera » can treat a wide range of topics. Next is a non exhaustive list of possible uses. We could think of detection and identification of :

  • illegal intrusions,
  • dangerous behaviors,
  • persons or dangerous objects falling or lost,
  • people attempting assault or robbery,
  • fake ID cards
  • and much more…

As an example, TDM is also working on the topic of person identification. More precisely, we are using face and text detection and recognition for automatic association between the face of a person and his or her name written on his badge or ID card. This could be used to automate controls over the access to restricted areas or private vehicles.

TDM is intending to develop more projects in that field and is ready for it. We are just waiting for you to come up with a use case in that field so that we could provide you the entire system to solve it. That means TDM can provide you with systems going from video recording (camera), to information displaying or alarm triggering (monitors/emitters) all of this including the processing units.

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